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Tips for Obstacle Course Racing

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If you are active in the fitness community you are sure to have heard of obstacle course racing. Over the past few years obstacle course racing has become one of the most popular outdoor activities there is, with an increasing number of events being held everywhere and anywhere. The great thing about obstacle racing is that no one is excluded – there are events held for all levels of experience and physical activity, from fun run style races to extreme races for elite athletes. Additionally, in an obstacle course race there will be a real sense of community, with racers helping and advising each other – for many people the main focus of an obstacle race is simply to have fun.

Top Tips for Obstacle Racing

If you are considering mixing up your exercise programme with some obstacle racing events, you may be wondering exactly how you tackle them. Do you go all guns blazing, attacking each obstacle like a madman, or does slow and steady win the race? Whether this is your first or your 50th event, these obstacle course racing tips will certainly benefit you and your performance.

Get the Right Training In

If you are getting into obstacle racing, running will be an important part of your training in the run-up to an event. Your running training each week should be varied – including an incline run, a short fast-paced tun, and a long slow run, and as much as your running as possible should be off-road. These varied paces and the rugged terrain will best prepare you for the conditions of an obstacle race.

If there are outdoor circuit training classes in your area, they will also serve as great preparation or obstacle racing. During these classes, you will do a variety of different exercises, which will utilize different muscle groups and skill sets that will prepare you for the demands of an obstacle course race. If you are worried about tackling obstacle you have never taken on before, there will be plenty of videos online that will help you learn the correct techniques so you can negotiable obstacles safely.

Do Some Swimming

Swimming is a great form of low impact training that works for every muscle group and helps to build stamina. Some obstacle races will have short swimming sections, so it is important that you have confidence in the water. Build your confidence in the pool, and then practice swimming for short sections in open water, but only in safe places.

Invest in the Right Footwear and Clothing

Your usual running shoes or gym footwear are not going to cut it on the obstacle course, you will need something with plenty of grip. To avoid any potential injury on an obstacle course invest in a pair of off-road running shoes. Trust me you are going to need the extra grip, especially when running through wet mud, climbing up cargo nets, and navigating trenches. Additionally, you will need to make sure you are wearing the right clothing to protect both your body and your health. If it is cold, be sure to wear a base layer, and if it is warm, leave the thermals at home. If you will be doing a lot of climbing and crawling, wear gloves with grip to protect your hands, and sturdy legging to protect your knees. In the very likely event that you will get wet during a race, take some dry clothes to change into once it is over.

Boost Your Energy Resources

You are going to need to be fully fueled up before any obstacle course race, as it is going to take some serious energy to get from start to finish. The night before, eat a protein-rich meal and on the morning of, eat a good breakfast that has plenty of slow release energy, such as overnight oats with berries and banana. That should keep you going throughout the race, but you won't go wrong with a few energy gels kept in your pocket if you feel yourself lagging.

So, there you have it, some great tips for getting the most out of your obstacle course racing experience. But, remember this is a form of exercise that is meant to be friendly and fun, so make sure above anything else, you have fun and help others so they can have fun too. Don't forget, if you are struggling with an obstacle, just ask someone for a hand – there will be dozens of people willing to give you a boost. If you are looking to boost your stamina and muscle endurance in the run-up to an obstacle course race, ADV-RESEARCH has some cutting edge supplements that will help you to achieve those goals and get you started in the best possible way.

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