NanoSarms vs ProSarms

July 30, 2018

NanoSarms vs ProSarms


NanoSarms are the latest technology in hardcore supplements, these new cutting-edge products use D-isomer amino acids to strengthen the molecular bonds between them, making them bio available sublingual and stable in water for up to 12 months.

These very small molecules hit the receptors faster than any other compound and the effects are felt almost immediately upon taking these fast-acting amino acids.

The selective nature of the amino acids ensure that they very selectively target the central nervous system and stimulate receptors that otherwise are very hard to reach. The receptors are responsible for the body’s ability to turn on muscle growth or speed up metabolic activity safely and effectively.



ADV HYPE (ACR) – Has been designed to fuel all athletes looking for clean and prolonged energy levels without the crash and jittering effects of caffeine and other harsh stimulants.

This product works by stimulating the AMPH core receptors in the CNS and users who have taken this supplement have noticed improvements in mental focus, fatigue, physical and mental stamina and increased reaction timing. Some people have also noticed a lowered appetite and weight loss with boosts of energy without adrenal fatigue that most other products will cause.

ADV FATLOSS (DR2) – Is a NanoSarm formulation that stimulates the dopamine receptors in the brain. This stimulates the brains “reward” centre, which has been showed to help with binge eating and binge drinking.

Many people have experience weight loss and loss of appetite. Benefits in mood behaviour and depression have been reported. Some have experienced benefits in decreasing addiction.

ADV TRT (AR1) – This NanoSarm stimulates androgen receptors in the body. It emulates the effects of testosterone in the AR receptor unlike nothing that’s ever been developed. These Nano particles stimulate the body to produce a targeted amount of testosterone within minutes!

People have noticed increased metabolism, weight loss with muscle gain and increases in muscular endurance in a very short period. A big increase in libido, general improvements in mood and well-being, reduced malaise and irritability have also been reported.



NanoSarms work differently and can help a user reach different receptors in the brain faster that otherwise would not be possible. This then translates to better performance in the gym and reduce recovery times dramatically. Stacking the Pro and Nanos together would mean the ultimate way to amplify the effects!

Depending on how you convert these molecules in your body, you can expect many benefits including:

  • Lean mass gain
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Increase in strength and recovery
  • Improved sleep
  • Better pumps and nutrient partitioning
  • Increased aggression in the gym
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased calorie utilization for greater muscle gains with little fat gains
  • Reduced amount of recover between workouts
  • Decrease in DOMS
  • Better sexual performance and sex drive
  • Better cognitive health



It’s important that a SERM PCT supplement like ADV 17 is used after a NanoSarms cycle because some NanoSarms can cause a suppression of natural testosterone levels.

NanoSarms can be stacked with ProSarms for even better results but the more you stack; the more side affects you may experience. We recommend 75/mg ml of ADV 17 per day for 10 days after a cycle.



Yes, NanoSarms are amino acid supplements that have been engineered to stimulate various receptors in the body. The unique delivery system has been developed to further enhance the uptake effects using nanosized peptide SARM molecules, this is unlike anything that currently exists in the sports supplement market.


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